For use with Blogger beta


code: Ramani
idea and URLs: Vivek


Hackosphere 3006
Vivek Sanghi

Required SkillsEdit

You must be comfortable with editing your Blogger template and have fair understanding of basic HTML.


This hack allows you to add links to social bookmarking sites like digg it!,, furl and many more under your blogger posts so that your readers can bookmark an article in a single click. It also provides image icon for display and linking (images should be hosted on your server or image host)


1. Review/understand the Blogger beta template code and select the location where you would like to put the links on this page
2. Select additional social bookmarking links and obtain the images from this page
3. Save the images on your hard drive and host them on a server or free image host like [ photobucket]
4. Back up your template and then in the expanded widget view incorporate the code from sites mentioned above.
5. Preview the template (if you have followed the instructions carefully there should be no problem).
6. Save and template and enjoy! Incase of any issues feel free to drop a line on any of the above sites.

Sites Using This HackEdit

Hackosphere 3006
Vivek Sanghi
Denny on IT
Svaj Malizo

Extensions / AlternatesEdit

Note that these are for non beta user in case of blogger


See Also:Edit

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