This feature is available for use with any blog platform, although the instructions in this hack are written for use with Blogger blogs.


Greg Hill


Fresh FlickrFont From Feeds


Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.1 Australia

Skill LevelEdit

You must be comfortable with editing your Blogger template.


Replaces specifically marked-up text with FlickrFonts via Flickr feeds.


See the complete instructions at the homepage, but in general:

  1. Choose between static and dynamic text replacement.
  2. If static, enter text into form at FlickrFont and copy and paste this code block into your Blogger template.
  3. If dynamic, you will have to add a specific snippet of JavaScript and other code to your Blogger template.
  4. Re-publish your blog.

Sites Using This HackEdit

Edit this area and add your own link if you are using this hack.

Screenshot of Hack in UseEdit


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