Originally designed for Blogger blogs, but will work with any blogging platform, wiki or static HTML page. Requires a account.

For compatibility with the new Blogger use FreshTags-Singpolyma.


Greg Hill




Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.1 Australia License

Skill LevelEdit

You must be comfortable with your Blogger template and using


FreshTags is a Blogger hack designed to enable the integration of categories into the Blogger system. A list of categories pulled from your account is displayed in the sidebar of the blog with the most recent posts in any selected category directly below that. The script also tries to detect what categories were being viewed in the previous page and auto-select those for the user.

A great system, although it slows the page load time some because it must load data before the page can generate.


Please see the homepage for complete instructions and code.

Sites Using FreshTagsEdit

Edit this area and add your own link if you are using this hack.

Extensions / AlternatesEdit

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