For use with Blogger blogs, or other blogging platforms that support emailing comments.




Comment Feed Added

Skill LevelEdit

You need only to configure email forwarding of comments from your blog, and set up an email-to-RSS service.


This hack allows you to create an XML feed of recent comments to your blog, which readers can subscribe to in the usual way. It works by redirecting your blog's comment notification emails through an email-to-RSS service, which publishes the emails as an RSS feed.


  1. Check that you can forward messages from the e-mail account that your blog's comments are sent to.
  2. Go to Mailbucket, a service that takes e-mails and makes them a feed. As they say on the site: "MailBucket is an experiment in alternative methods of email management. For now its only feature is a public email-to-RSS gateway: forward your email to and have your news reader pick it up at (where you choose slurp, having checked that it's not already in use)."
  3. Set up a filter in your e-mail to take original comments, copy them, and forward them out to Mailbucket.
  4. Put a link on your site to allow subscription to this feed.

Sites Using This Hack:Edit

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