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Eden at Shirts on Sale


Shirts on Sale


Totally 100% license free! Use this however you'd like.

Required SkillsEdit

None. This is as easy as it gets.


Allows you to upload multiple images at a time, even more than there are input boxes on the Google interface.


  1. Use Firefox to create posts.
  2. Install the DragDropUpload add-on.
  3. Drag, drop and upload multiple images in one gesture. If you're not getting it, just look at the pics and better explanation on our website.

Sites Using This HackEdit

Shirts on Sale
Shirt Sales & Other Stuff
Probably tons of other master bloggers out there.

Extensions / AlternatesEdit

None! This is the best and only way to achieve this easy living lifestyle.

See Also:Edit

There are so many good ones, but doubtful any of them are related.

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